Welcome – San Jose, CA – Mr. Solar

A message from Frank Amdur (Mr. Solar):

“I look forward to meeting new neighbors and helping make our community a safer & better place to live since 1977. If I can help you in any way it is my pleasure and privilege. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being in my life’s journey and joys.

I am so passionate about Solar. It plays a part in cleaning up and changing the world.  I am extremely committed and I live the clean solar electric energy life.  I have Solar on my home, an electric car, electric lawn mower, and home electric car charging station as well as LED lighting throughout my home.

In addition due to the water shortage water I garden with recycled water to keep it green and still meet the 30% reduction in water use.  I have to put up a sign showing I use recycled water or the neighborhoods would go crazy and call the water police.

Many others talk about it, but I feel living it helps me have insight to this important yet different clean energy lifestyle.”